Even if you’re not one of those kids who grew up dreaming of 3D game worlds, everyone can appreciate good VR. For those of us who grew up envying the holodecks on Star Trek, or the protagonist in Tron, it is a dream come true, literally. Putting the goggles on for the first time sends a thrill of electric anticipation up your spine. Before you can take that step however, you have to choose your game. More often than not this means watching the trailers and ordering online. So it stands to reason that one of the most important parts of any game is the trailer. A good one will boost sales even for a mediocre game, and a bad one will bury an amazing game at the bottom of the heap.

This year promises a slew of fabulous titles for the worlds of VR. A list of honorable mentions as long as your arm could fill out any list of highly anticipated games. With so many amazing choices, narrowing it down can be almost impossible, but here are a few choice options to get you started.

Overall Best-Cyberpilot


Fight Nazis with fire breathing robots? Yes, please. This Wolfenstein adventure is stunning. The plot is awesome and engaging, the graphics are great, what more can you ask of a game? Of all the VR trailers out for 2019, this one is a cut above the rest. Fans of Wolfenstein will not be disappointed as they battle their way through this immersive world, and newcomers to the franchise or genre are in for a treat.

Mech Mayhem

Best for Multiplayer-Mini Mech Mayhem

With cute characters and some really intriguing use of traps and trickery, this board game like miniature VR battle arena game looks like a blast to play with friends. The streamlined and brightly colored character designs are nice and highly customizable. This game seems a bit like the PG-13, much cuter, little sister of Battle Bots, but made as an online multiplayer.

Best Family Friendly- Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant

The hilarious trailer for this game draws you in immediately. The premise is that you, as a “Ghost Giant,” become the invisible protector to a humanoid fox-like child who could use the help. With your size and invisibility, you can make Louis’ life easier along with everyone in town. It looks adorably engaging and may even be a bit of a tear-jerker at times.

Best Horror- Undead Citadel

A trailer lasting a mere 30 seconds that is still intriguing enough to make players want the game… this is noteworthy. You’ll be fighting fast moving zombies in a dim and damp classically creepy environment from what little the trailer gives away. Hopes are high for this zombie killer.

Best Weird- Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves the Universe

Seeking the strangest thing in VR is probably going to turn up a lot of hits, but Trover Saves the Universe might be the strangest. Battling … some guy with dogs for eyes, in order to… get a crystal, which will presumably save the universe. This bizarrely entertaining trailer makes the list as the strangest thing coming out this year.


VR has come a long way since it was just a sci-fi fever dream, but it still has a long way to go. Some gamers still remember the visually stunning Playstation ad for the PS10, a mythical device that could jack directly into your brain and take you into a fantasy world. We all wanted it to be a real thing and some folks who didn’t quite get the joke tried to preorder. We aren’t there yet, but with great early titles like those above the field of VR is certainly off to a great start. Gamers everywhere are looking forward to the day when we can actually strap into a fully immersed universe (at a reasonable price point) and dive in. In the meantime, the genre is still in its early days, but the early days show a lot of promise and have some great games available.