Space Junkies is an action-packed, VR arcade shooter where you zip through treacherous conditions in outer space. The game immerses players in zero-gravity battles with the ability to play 1-vs.-1 or 2-vs.-2, allowing players to bring along friends to battle the monstrous space creatures! This game is controlled completely by your bodily movements. By the use of motion control, players can employ the forces of sci-fi weapons such as rocket launchers, pistols, and assault rifles. The lifelike graphics engage players in a realistic environment and makes the player feel like they are fighting for their lives while enemies attack.

Players must be attentive and quick when fighting the creatures, as attacks can happen fast. The game contains sudden movements and jumpscares which will certainly course adrenaline through the veins of players. The game is a lot like a sci-fi version of Call of Duty. Instead of battling in the fields of foreign countries, players are battling in an outer space war using space-aged weapons! This game is currently only available for Oculus Rift users, however an HTC Vive compatibility is underway. Unlike most VR controlled games, players can be completely seated while playing due to the zero-gravity arena.

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Players can choose from a variety of gadgets; including a proton shield, lightsaber, plasma sword, and slingshot. These gadgets can be controlled by the control stick on the Oculus Rift. Players can use sword swiping gestures and stabbing motions when bladed weapons are equipped. This gives a whole new satisfying appeal when chopping apart enemies. Players can watch enemies explode or crumble into pieces, and receive physical feedback from the controls when contact is made. The screams of terror and pain will vocalize from dying enemies, who are taking their last breath. Players can feel accomplished after clearing each row of invaders, as achievements will be awarded upon completion.

Overall, this game is an amazing way to blow off steam and release anger. Players and their teammates will feel a rush of endorphins each time they mortally wound an enemy.