The reviews below focus on the underlying mechanics of the VR implementation basing on the several hours of the gameplay and the content of the game;

Borderlands 2 VR supports both PlayStation move controllers and the standard gamepad though it lacks support for ps Aim Controller. It is a shooting and looting game. My first instinct was to play with the Move controllers. The reticle as implemented is essential to representing the special feel of many weapons of the game. The bouncing reticle indicates the amount of kick and its expansion represents different states of accuracy. The Move controllers control the interphase with a laser pointer, which makes it less difficult than Skyrim VR. For better and positive gameplay experience the VR is best played with the DualShock 4 as the Move controllers are not good for shooters and lack of Aim controller support feels like a major oversight.

BAMF(BadAss Mega Fun)Time is one of the major new gameplay feature that has been added and unique to this VR. It is a simple slow-motion mechanic that is available to all four characters, even if it lacks some of the effects that turn some slow motion implementations to a visual spectacle. It is useful when navigating if caught unawares; while the ever-present minimap shows the enemy location and it also allows the player to negotiate between the snap turn control system and the viewpoint to find the clitter that damages them.

Borderlands 2 VR

Borderlands 2 VR has an appropriate set of comfort options like snap turning and smooth turning, free walk, and teleportation’ optional jumping and several settings for peripheral binders. Free movement is available across both control schemes because it is able to turn in increments in a more traditional manner. You can turn on or off blinkers, set their intensity and even toggle the time for them to appear. You can also fiddle with the control scheme until you get the right feeling. The Gearbox software developer has optimized Borderland 2 VR to ensure it is one of the smoothest and most seamless VR experiences out there. As ever, the switch to VR gives a much greater sense of being part of the insane-hand drawn gun, though it causes a problem on how to maintain the gameplay without making the players feel nausea.

Borderlands 2 VR has an array of explosive effects to go with an already broad selection of pistols, shotguns and submachine guns. Its claim of practically limitless weaponry has gone unchallenged and still supplies an unrivaled and dizzying variety of ways to inflict injury like the elemental effects that electrocute, incinerate or corrode your unfortunate malefactors. The combination of exploration and ever-varying loot proves that it is an addictive VR ever. It is also the full-sized game with many hours of content for players who enjoy side one or two side quest. It provides a lot of value for money even without the game copious DLC. It is still an easy recommendation.