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Space Junkies Review
June 28, 2019

Space Junkies is an action-packed, VR arcade shooter where you zip through treacherous conditions in outer space. The game immerses players…

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Top VR Game Trailers 2019
June 22, 2019

Even if you’re not one of those kids who grew up dreaming of 3D game worlds, everyone can appreciate good VR….

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New VR Technology Release Dates for 2019
June 21, 2019

Considering the rate at which virtual reality technology progresses, it can be difficult to know what the next big thing is…

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Vacation Simulator Release Date
June 18, 2019

From Pong to Space Invaders to Super Mario to Halo to Grand Theft Auto and Uncharted, there is no denying that video games continue to become more and more advanced by the…

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Top 10 Fresh New VR Games 2019
June 11, 2019

Introduction Virtual reality games is an emerging segment in the video game category and have started attracting the best talents and…

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Defector Review
June 9, 2019

Ever since seeing James Bond movie series all of us fell in love with the idea that someday we could be…

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Lone Echo 2 Review
June 8, 2019

Lone Echo 2 is the follow up to Lone Echo. The game was produced and developed by Ready at Dawn. It…

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How To Improve VR Performance
June 7, 2019

Introduction The worst enemy while gaming on PC is low frames per second (FPS), and with VR, this can be sickening…

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Stormland Review
June 6, 2019

Stormland is a VR video game released by Insominiac Games in 2018. In this game you are a strong, robust robot…

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Borderlands 2 VR Review
June 3, 2019

The reviews below focus on the underlying mechanics of the VR implementation basing on the several hours of the gameplay and…

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